New Ultimaker S7 now available for use

We now have a new 3D Printer located in B.12 to work alongside our existing high-end 3D printers: The Ultimaker S7. Our new printer is the latest Ultimaker machine using fused filament fabrication (FFF) and a dual extrusion print head.

The build area is 330 x 240 x 300m and requires a digital file in STL format. Primarily we will be using this machine to support 3D printing in PLA and Tough PLA plastics.

Colours currently available include white, grey, black, silver & transparent. Support materials include breakaway and PVA which is water soluble meaning more complex geometries and internal details can be printed.

Should you wish to use this machine as part of your project, drop in and speak to a member of B.15 staff for more information. You can find further information about CAD resources available here.

A Guide to 3D Printing at B.15

Powder Printing (11)

For anyone wanting to use 3D printing in their projects please take some time to have a read through this guide to the process.

Click here for the full PDF guide to 3D Printing at the B.15 Modelmaking Workshop

The guide outlines the three types of printing we provide and explains the good application and limitations of each variant.

The best examples are well considered and appropriate components within the context of a project rather than being the entire body of a project.