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Scott Miller – B.15 Workshop Technical Manager


0161 275 6853 & 0161 275 6876

B.15 Modelmaking Workshop, University of Manchester, Humanities Building


Scott Miller is the Workshop Technical Manager of the B.15 Modelmaking Workshop at Manchester School of Architecture. Before taking up this position he worked as a freelance modelmaker on architectural, commercial and display models and in exhibition design and construction. Scott obtained a degree in Modelmaking in 2011 from the Arts University Bournemouth.

Scott’s interests lie in the preservation, theory and promotion of modelmaking in design education. He co-ordinates the externally sponsored B.15 Modelmaking awards which began in 2015 and has since collaborated with Mecanoo, SimpsonHaugh, HENN, Bjarke Ingels Group and Stanton Williams.

He is the primary author of past and ongoing projects on the B.15 Modelmaking Workshop blog www.manchester.ac.uk/b15workshop

Published Work

Miller, S. 2021. “Piecing together the old and new” 23/09/2021 The V&A Research Institute (VARI), Available at www.vam.ac.uk/blog/projects/piecing-together-the-old-and-new 

Miller, S. 2019. “The Value of the Studio Workshop” The Victoria and Albert Blog, Architectural Models Network, 04/02/2019 Available at https://www.vam.ac.uk/blog/projects/the-value-of-the-studio-workshop

Lucas, R., Miller, S & Backhouse, J.  2019.  “Dwelling Perspectives and Practices of Making in Architectural Modelmaking” in Hallam, E. (Ed.).  3D Modelling: Bodies and Buildings in Anthropology, Anatomy and Architecture. London: Routledge, January 2021. (Weblink: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Modelling-Anthropology-Architecture-Anthropological-Creativity/dp/1472475127/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1537979288&sr=8-4&keywords=elizabeth+hallam)

Miller, S. 2018 “WHAT WE DO HERE” in GAA Foundation – European Cultural Centre (Ed.). TIME SPACE EXISTENCE, GAA Foundation, 2018 (Weblink: http://www.ecc-italy.eu/var/gallery/file/d2e10ff7d7e8f0d2de4e649999039f0c.pdf)

Technical Consultant – Dunn, N. Architectural Modelmaking, Second Edition, Laurence King Publishing Ltd, 2014 (Weblink: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Architectural-Modelmaking-2e-Nick-Dunn/dp/1780671725/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1538038189&sr=8-1&keywords=architectural+modelmaking)

Exhibitions, Media and Events

‘MAKING SCALE Symposium’, Central Pavillion, Giardini della Biennale, Venice, June 2023.

‘Shaping Space: Architectural Models Revealed’ September 2021 – March 2022. Curated by Dr Simona Valeriani of The V&A Research Institute (VARI) and The Building Centre, Research and Construction of a 1:125 scale replica of the original antique model of the Royal Albert Hall.

Miller, S. 2018 WHAT WE DO HERE – Exploring Learning Through Making documentary short feature display at TIME SPACE EXISTENCE exhibition for the Architecture Biennale at Palazzo Bembo, Venice, Italy, June – November 2018 (Weblink: http://blogging2.humanities.manchester.ac.uk/sedlab/?p=4422)

Miller, S. 2018 18th Century Sketch Modelling: Modelling Ideas on the Grand Tour Presentation at the ‘Joined Up Thinking’ Symposium, Palazzo Rossini, Venice, November 2018

Backhouse, J. Miller, S. 2016 – B.15: ARCHITYPES 2016 – Present (weblink: http://blogging2.humanities.manchester.ac.uk/sedlab/?page_id=3979)

Backhouse, J. Miller, S. 2017- Atelier La Juntana: A Modelmaking Summer School, Grosvenor Gallery 5/12/17 (weblink: http://blogging2.humanities.manchester.ac.uk/sedlab/?p=4190)

Backhouse, J. Miller, S. 2014  B.15:45 Architectural Modelmaking Exhibition 2014-2016 (weblink: http://blogging2.humanities.manchester.ac.uk/sedlab/?p=3723)

Backhouse, J. Miller, S. 2015 – Modelmaking in the Digital Age Symposium, Manchester, 09/03/2015 (weblink: http://blogging2.humanities.manchester.ac.uk/sedlab/?p=2267)

Lara Gerrard


Lara Gerrard is a workshop technician in the B.15 Modelmaking Workshop at the Manchester School of Architecture. She began her technical career in 2017 as a workshop technician at the Liverpool School of Architecture where she worked across many areas linked to model making including, manual fabrication workshop, laser cutting and 3D printing. She is also an alumni of The Herschel Programme for women in technical leadership. Prior to this Lara obtained a degree in 3 Dimensional Design at the Manchester School of Art in 2015. Through her degree she worked with a wide range of materials and processes specialising in sustainable and eco materials in her final year.

Lara’s interests lie in being creative and encouraging creativity throughout the design process. She enjoys being innovative and exploring the most appropriate material and process for the project. She has also created a small workshop at home with a laser cutter working on personal projects and small commissions of home decor.

Lara is looking forward to working with students in B.15 to help support their project ambitions and ensure a safe and creative place in which to work.

Paulina Voang


Paulina Voang is a Technical Assistant at the B.15 Workshop. Prior to this role she worked as an architectural modelmaker at Richard Threadgill Associates, London. This further developed her passion and understanding in architectural model making and after relocating to Manchester she broadened her skillset and worked within the theatre industry as a Prop and Set Maker for local and West End productions.

Paulina also has an interest in creating wire sculptures and has been working on personal projects and commissions over the years. These sculptures range from architectural to more playful subjects.

She’s keen to help students discover the varied and imaginative ways model making supports their projects at the B.15 Workshop.

Sarah Mairead Carroll


Sarah Carroll studied Product Design at Bournemouth University where she began to develop her workshop skills. Since university, she has worked in other workshop environments, during a design role for an Eco company in Nottingham. Sarah also has experience working in a university, teaching 3d CAD programmes at Nottingham Trent University.

Prior to undertaking this role Sarah worked for an engineering company designing playgrounds & play equipment in and around Manchester. Her interest for public spaces is what inspired her to move more into the world of architecture and bring her knowledge and experience of making forward into the workshop.

Sarah is excited to work with the students and is keen to learn more about how model making can be used to support academic studies.

Teagan Dorsch


Teagan is a designer, researcher and technician at the B.15 Modelmaking Workshop, with a background in situated critical design, material fabrication and architectural design. He was previously a Research Assistant at Periscope, London, producing work focused on regenerative materials, public green & open space metrics and ecological representation. Before that, he held roles in various workshops as both assistants and technicians. He is the founder of the Unknown Gestures Department, a research and design platform for exploring ecological notation, process driven work and situated fabrication; and is a Researcher at The New Centre for Research & Practice.

Teagan received his Master’s in Situated Practice with Merit from the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL, and holds a BA in Architecture with a minor in Philosophy from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Teagan is keen to help students develop situated projects across the workshop and leading CNC related requests