B.15:45 EXHIBITION Opening September 12th 2014 and Running throughout 2015

At long last we are able to give some definite details of our upcoming retrospective exhibition. The exhibition will open on September 12th with a private view and will run throughout the remainder of 2014 and 2015.

B15 Poster INVITE

Over the last few weeks we have been compiling, repairing, cleaning and organising models in preparation for the exhibition. In addition to the display of a wide range of model types and styles the exhibition will feature a video overview from academic and technical staff that have worked in the school over the years giving their perspective on the use of models.



A Platform to Archive

Whilst this exhibition will present a range of making over the last 45 Years here in Manchester we would like to continue to expand our archive and record and even more in depth history of Modelmaking in Architecture. With this in mind we would like to encourage and welcome any further stories or media, physical or digital to keep expanding our heritage collections. If you have any stories, images or models from the history of the university as a whole please get in touch to help us expand our archive and heritage collection.

We look forward to seeing you at the opening!

Scott and Jim

SEED PSS Conference Workshop

On Wednesday we held a short hand-on workshop for the Professional Support Staff at the School of Environment, Education and Development (SEED), the School in which our workshop is tied in UoM.

We gave an overview of the role we play in students work and how our equipment is suited to this followed by a short assembly session of some laser cut components.

PSS Workshop Day (2) PSS Workshop Day (7) PSS Workshop Day (12)

PSS Workshop Day (16) PSS Workshop Day (15) PSS Workshop Day (18)Feedback on the session was very positive and we hope to take part in similar collaboration workshops with staff in the future.

Jim and Scott