New Modelmaking Reference Books in B.15

We have just received some new reference books on Architectural modelmaking for use in the B.15 workshop.

DSC03507You will find these books a great source of inspiration for your models as well as providing you with theoretical insight into model building.

An Architectural Model, Will Strange, 2013.

This book provides a graphic breakdown of materials, tools and basic theory about the making of an architectural model. A good insight for any student wanting to improve their modelmaking skills or understanding of the subject.

The following books provide a mix of theory and technical advice along with image examples to see.

Modelmaking: Conceive, Create and Convince, Arjan Karssen & Bernard Otte, 2013

Architectural Models: Construction Techniques, Second Edition, Wolfgang Knoll & Martin Hechinger, 2006

Packaged as part of a two book set, these books provide a wide selection of Architectural Model case studies and insights to their use from a range of practices.

Construction and Design Manual, Architectural Models books 1 & 2, Pyo Mi-young, 2010

We encourage you all to come a have a look through these books for some new project ideas!

Scott & Jim