Amalgam Modelmakers ‘The Architectural Model: Exploring Scale and Vision’ Exhibition at The Architecture Centre, Bristol

Amalgam Exhibition (29)Amalgam Modelmakers are a Bristol based professional modelmaking company. Their work covers a huge selection of making areas and more likely than not you have seen some of it on screen or in media across the country. Amongst Amalgam’s departments is of course, Architectural Modelmaking which has become the focus of their 30th anniversary exhibition currently being held at The Architecture Centre in Bristol.

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‘The Architectural Model: Exploring Scale and Vision’ looks at the process of their Modelmaking from commissioning to finishing and delivery to a client.
We were fortunate to be able to visit the exhibition as it opened with a guided tour from Amalgam’s head of Architectural Modelmaking, James Smith who will be presenting for us at our upcoming symposium event in March.

The exhibition gives a window into how skilled Modelmakers go about completing their role. It is always difficult to effectively demonstrate this process in it’s entirety as much of the skill is down to the individuals tasked with each project.

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With that in mind the exhibition narrative defines the stages of production. It provides us with project samples, descriptions of the various stages of the process and video interviews with project managers and Modelmakers from Amalgam’s well equipped workshop.
There are an array of model types, materials and processes on display giving a glimpse of this fantastic 30 year portfolio that continues to grow.

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Highly recommend anyone with an interest in Architecture, Modelmaking or a creative career in the arts to take a look and be inspired.

Scott and Jim