Using our Photographic Studio

As many of you are now aware this year we have been able to open our own photographic studio for you to document your work before it leaves the building. So far this has proved a great success and the studio is seeing constant use as the academic year nears its end.

Andra Calin (4)

We currently do not have a booking system in place for the facility and would like to keep it this way to make life easier for people needed to drop by unannounced. In order to keep things the way they are we would like to ask you to follow these simple rules:

Please only use the studio to document your work and not for modelmaking. We are trying to maintain a clean environment for model display here. Any assembly or processes should remain strictly in the workshop space.

Please do not move or touch any work being stored in the room as this is either current project work or part of the University Heritage collection dating back nearly 45 years.

Please do not congregate in groups in the studio as their is little free space in the room and the potential for damage of work is fairly high. 

Once you are finished using the facility please let one of us know so we can ensure it is locked and tidy.

And that is it!

Don’t hesitate to ask if you are unsure about setting up specific photographs or any issues you may have with lighting. We are happy to help. Happy snapping! Jim and Scott

Exploded Model (3)

New B.15 Photographic Studio

After a lot of re-ordering, cleaning and a successful equipment bid, we now have a photographic studio at our disposal!

This will come in handy for documenting your completed work straight  out of the workshop at a high standard. We currently have a white backdrop in place and are awaiting delivery of grey and black as well. As projects are completed and photographed we will most likely include them on a dedicated page here on the blog for all to see.

Over the next week or so we will be getting an idea of how this area will be used so please bare with us whilst we figure out what suits your needs best.

Should you want to use the facility please don’t hesitate to ask either myself or Jim.

We look forward to seeing some great photographs of your finished work.


Model Archive and our Photography Studio Proposal

Over the last few weeks we have been trying to clear our extremely cluttered model store to record and archive all of our historic models. This has proved a huge success and brought to light some great pieces we didn’t know we had! The collection is fascinating and gives a broad range of styles and techniques used over the last 30 or so years.

Model Store (15)H-08 (3)SI-03 (3)In ordering our store we have created some new space in which we hope to set up a photographic space to document your future work. This facility, providing we get funding, should be available sometime in early 2014. With this in place you will be in a better position to record your work before it leaves the building with high quality photos. This will also allow us to create a complete record of our produce and add to the already thriving Blog we have here.

Model Store (13)

Keep checking back here for more! Scott