Experimenting with DaVinci

Mona Lisa (1)This Mona Lisa 3D print was made from a image that was applied to Standard Primitive Box object in 3D Studio Max this had a Displaced Modifier attached, the box has then had   increased segments to make the object appear more three dimensional.  This will turn the 2D black and white Jpeg Image into a 3D meshed object that can be printed later.

Mona Lisa (3) Mona Lisa (6)Using the black and white image of Mona Lisa we have done a number of controlled tests using a raster engrave setting on the laser machine.  Paper was used initially and then card and timber this has had a number of interesting results and is proving to be very effective if an image or graphic is need for a model or surface decoration for an object.

These experiments were carried out to demonstrate yet another potential use of the CAD driven machines in our workshop and could be applied to anything from facade detailing to micro site modelling.