Isometric Drawing of St Paul’s Cathedral

During our recent store clearance we came across this amazing print packaged away. This famous isometric drawing of St Paul’s Cathedral in London was originally drawn over a period of 5 years in ink by hand between 1923 and 1928 as is described on the drawing itself. These kind of drawing skills are a real dying art and I find them captivating to see particularly when printed at this scale.

St Pauls Picture (1)

On taking the frame out of the store we found the antique print to be very dirty so spent some time cleaning it and repairing the frame to put it out on display where it should be. We saw the original larger scale print of this drawing earlier this year on display in the V & A museum in London. I’m glad we now have our own copy to marvel at complete with natural ageing!

Pavilion Project (30) St Pauls Picture (2)We hope to have the picture on display somewhere near the workshop soon so be sure to have a good look at the staggering detail it shows.