Ketso Jigsaw Prototypes

Joanne Tippett Jigsaws (9)Dr Joanne Tippett, based here in the Humanities Building, got in touch with us to help her produce several prototype jigsaws for her ‘RoundView’ Project. This is a whole systems approach to sustainability, which has come from research funded by the Sustainable Consumption Institute here at the University. The jigsaws are being manufactured by Ketso (founded by Joanne). Ketso offers various interactive hands-on engagement packs to allow groups of people to contribute to discussions fairly in group working and learning environments.

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The ‘Eco Puzzle’ we have been involved in is nearing its final stages with Joanne hoping for mass production if interest from organisations such as the Manchester Science and Industry Museum and others is taken forward.
Contact Joanne at if you would like to know more.

Good luck Joanne!

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