Workshop Closed until Friday 1st July

Dear All,

Please be advised that the workshop will now be closed until Friday 1st July.

Jim is off to his allotment to pick some veg and chill out!

I’m off to the Venice Biennale and to attend our own Symposium, Frontiers of Responsive Architecture:

Would be great to see some of you over there!




We have collected all the models that we received requests for storage for. If you urgently need to access these please get in touch with me via email but I will be back next Friday.

Thanks to everyone who helped out putting it all together and taking it down. The feedback has been very positive all round.

Speak to you soon!

Scott & Jim

Post-Show Model Collection/Storage

Dear all students,

We have had a number of requests that models be kept in the workshop until a later date after the show comes down on Thursday.

If you would like to leave your models with us temoprarily or donate them to the workshop then could you please let us know ASAP either in person or via my email:

We won’t be able to store models long term (any longer than the beginning of the next academic year) unless donated as we are currently undergoing a change in the storage arrangements down here and space is at a premium.

We will be in and out of the workshop this week as we attend various meetings and assist with taking the show down so if you come in and we aren’t around please leave your work in the corridor with a note.

A small number of pieces will be added to our permanent show update on the first floor which I will get in touch about if your pieces fit the requirements.

See you soon!

Scott & Jim

Material Application: 5th Year 4.1B Workshop

Earlier in the year we hosted a 5th year workshop on the theme of Material Application which was explored through modelmaking. The workshop participants were tasked with two explorations.


Firstly a selection of tools were chosen to be the subject of a scaled up study in cardboard. Outcomes were marked based on their attention to detail and accuracy along. Another big consideration was the cleanliness of the models which, when working with white card proves a surprising challenge.

The results were fantastic giving a great range of interesting objects that demanded a new level of patience and consideration.


Steve Kirk







The second task focussed on the University of Manchester campus. Students were asked to choose any building of interest that would allow them to explore different materials and methods of modelmaking.


















Methods used included: Wood Turning, Laser cut layering, Silicone Moulding, Resin Casting, Metal Powder Casting, CNC Modelling, Additive Manufacture (3D Printing), Plaster Casting.



The completed models have now been added to this years end of year show display located on the 3rd floor of the Manchester School of Art’s Benzie Building which is open to the public until June 22nd.



This is the first time we have undertaken a workshop brief. Thanks to everyone who took part for all of your hard work and that you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Scott and JimDSC05510

Mecanoo B.15 Modelmaking Award 2016 Winners

Final judging for this years Mecanoo B.15 Modelamking awards took place on Friday afternoon ahead of the end of year show opening.

Representatives from Mecanoo were Laurens Kistemaker, Paul Daly, Oliver Boaler along with former MSA Student and previous award winner Sara Hammond. Representing MSA were Jim and myself and Dr Ray Lucas.

Judging awards

As with last years award judging looked at the overall quality of the finished models, The effectiveness of their response to the brief and the integration of modelmaking into each students designing process. This proved once again to be very tough and created a fantastic post-marking deliberation over the final results.

“I was pleasantly surprised by the efforts and quality of the students work, which therefore made it really hard for us to pick just 6 winners. We covered both sides (skill and representation of the brief) of modelmaking with a judging team of 3 modelmakers and 3 architects. I hope we as mecanoo together with Jim and Scott have contributed to push the continued importance of modelmaking in architectural learning and practice.”

– Laurens Kistemaker 


Prizes were presented by Laurens Kistemaker and Professor Tom Jefferies to the winners who were as follows:

1st Prize MArch: Daniel Kempski & Peter Lee



2nd Prize MArch: Natalie Dosser & Diana Muresan



3rd Prize MArch: Sam Beddingfield



1st Prize BA (Hons) Architecture: Ciara Tobin

DSC06047 DSC06061

2nd Prize BA (Hons) Architecture: Akhil Mathew



3rd Prize BA (Hons) Architecture: Daniel Vella

DSC06057 DSC06065

We would like to thank all at Mecanoo for their continued support of this award which has already built on last years success with another quality display of projects.

Congratulations to all who made the hard earned short-list and eventual winners! We hope you will continue to employ the use of modelmaking in your learning and future careers whatever they may be.

Scott and Jim at B.15

Mecanoo B.15 Modelmaking awards 2016 Shortlist

On Friday June 3rd Laurens Kistemaker toured the soon to be open end of year show choosing outstanding modelmaking projects for this years shortlist.

laurens shortlist

The process proved very difficult with a great selection of varied work on display but a list was eventually decided on to be further judged.

The complete shortlist can be viewed here complete with the students statements about their work.

Judging will be taking place tomorrow afternoon with representatives from mecanoo and MSA on the panel with the winners being announced shortly after at the end of year show opening. We’ll post the results here ASAP!

Good luck to everyone and congratulations on a great show!

Jim and Scott