Welcome to 2021/22

Hello and welcome to new and returning students!

This year we hope to return to some level of normality for your workshop access with some changes following the easing of lockdown rules. Many students last year commented that they benefitted from having discussions before they attended the workshop so we’ve decided to retain their aspect of the general access procedure. In short, if you want advice or access please get in touch here.

Work spaces will be limited to pre booked spaces via the aforementioned link. You can still ask for advice in person but booking for workspace is advised.

Covid precautions

Whilst there is some signs of general improvement to the pandemic situation we strongly recommend wearing face masks whilst working in the workshop. This is a curtesy to others as much as additional protection for yourself. Please remember to sanitise/hand wash before beginning to work and throughout your session.

Social distancing for general working is also advised and markers are positioned at designated workspaces as a reminder.

New printer

Earlier in the summer we took delivery of a new FDM 3D printer, the Stratasys F370. This new FDM offers a larger build area and wider range of materials to choose from and is cheaper to run than our previous FDM. Get in touch to find out more if you think this may have a use in your project.









Intro video

New starters should have received a link to this video giving an overview of Modelmaking and technical resources available to MSA students across MMU/UoM. If you missed it here it is:

Getting started with us

As stated in the video please get in touch via the tutorial request link to discuss your projects and book time in the workshop.

You can come to the workshop for in person advice but we can’t guarantee we’ll be free to chat so recommend using the tutorial link to speak when you want to get started.

Familiarise yourself with the Workshop Health and Safety guidelines in this handbook.

Starter tools and materials – 4D Modelshop

We recommend equipping yourselves with basic tools and materials to enable sketch modelling from home and in your future model making projects whilst studying architecture. We have an arrangement with 4D Modelshop who supply a wide range of tools and materials to the professional model makers in the UK and beyond. Register for your MSA student discount and find the recommended items on their dedicated MSA Page here: 

Hopefully this year will be kinder to us all. We look forward to seeing you soon to start making!

Scott & Saul @ B.15