Post-Show Model Collection/Storage

Dear all students,

We have had a number of requests that models be kept in the workshop until a later date after the show comes down on Thursday.

If you would like to leave your models with us temoprarily or donate them to the workshop then could you please let us know ASAP either in person or via my email:

We won’t be able to store models long term (any longer than the beginning of the next academic year) unless donated as we are currently undergoing a change in the storage arrangements down here and space is at a premium.

We will be in and out of the workshop this week as we attend various meetings and assist with taking the show down so if you come in and we aren’t around please leave your work in the corridor with a note.

A small number of pieces will be added to our permanent show update on the first floor which I will get in touch about if your pieces fit the requirements.

See you soon!

Scott & Jim