We’re creating a New Online Resource right here… With your help!


Our workshop is used in the creation of literally hundreds of projects every year. Sadly many of these projects go out of the door never to be seen again or appreciated by up and coming students. In an effort to change this we are going to be requesting that either myself or Jim be able to photograph your work before it leaves us!

 Here are some of the benefits to us doing this: 

  • A rich online photographic reference source for all Staff and Students.
  • Helping students to understand the potential from our facilities by viewing others achievements.
  • Brief project descriptions will help to understand scale of models and its importance in the messages a project is trying to convey.
  • Categorised tags on images will allow an easy search of specific model types, material types, individual students work and processes used.
  • Students names will also be included as tags allowing each student to build up an online portfolio of projects completed for use in self-promotion.

We hope you will see the great potential this could have as a resource and help us build on it from now on.

See you in the workshop! Scott & Jim