Happy New Year and Welcome Back!

It looks like everyone has hit the ground running this year with the workshop being full to capacity all day!

New Power Sockets

You may notice we now have drop down electrical sockets above the main work desks. These have been installed to avoid trip hazards from the wall sockets behind the desks. When using them simply reach up and pull down to the desired length similar to a draw string on window blinds. If you have any trouble just ask myself or Jim to demonstrate.

New Acrylic and Plywood Thickneses in Stock

We have also just taken delivery of a couple of new materials to add to our stock list.

1mm Cast Acrylic sheets are now available at £37 per 800mm x 450mm sheet. These sheets are expensive but can be invaluable in creating detailed facades on acrylic models. It goes without saying that this material should be savoured because of its expense.

In addition to our laserable Plywood stock we now have 3mm and 4mm sheets at £4 and £5 respectively.

See you soon!